Distributed Multimedia Systems

Multimedia systems are able to display continuous media streams, in particular video and audio, and discrete media (text and images). They are challenging to computers and networks because they require a high bandwidth and accurate timing to operate on, transfer and display the continuous streams.

In the context of modern mobile devices with cameras, such as smart phones and pad computers, there is an even bigger challenge in distributing the media streams efficiently from a very large number of sources to a very large number of destinations.

In the context of the “Kooperationsprofessur” we do research and we teach in this area. For example, we have a project on video retargeting, i.e., creating small versions of big-screen videos efficiently, and a project on adaptive video streaming, i.e., taking advantage of different network infrastructures (IP multicast vs. peer-to-peer networks, tree-based vs. mesh-based networks, wireless networks vs. wired networks) to deliver optimal video to different kinds of devices.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Effelsberg

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